A new approach to healthfulness

Think about your integrated Health Strategy and that’s what we deliver under one roof. We want people to think about the fact that you should look after your whole self and therefore have variety of needs and solutions.

We see our clients as individuals and as a whole person, we work in partnership with them to understand their needs and then we create customised, integrated and evolving solutions across Movement (Movement, Pilates, Yoga, Physiotherapy), Bodyworks (Holistic Treatments, Massage, Skincare, Beauty), Nutrition (Consultations and Programmes)  and Mind Matters (Yoga, Meditation, Life coaching, Executive and Leadership coaching) . It seems simple but you may be surprised to hear that we are a unique business in Ireland providing a specialised team of people who can work with our clients.

How Do We Do That?

We have a variety of ways to do this and it all comes under the umbrella of our H.A.P.P.I.E methodology that can be as simple or as complex as your body and mind needs it to be.


For more information on H.A.P.P.I.E, click here

We Have Societal Purpose Too

The world is off-balance with obesity, mental health issues on the rise and in a general state of disconnection and turmoil it can seem s though the world is turning on itself.

Simply put, we want the world to breathe again. Take a few seconds to stop in your tracks and actually breeeeeeeathe. If you can do that, then everything can start from there. #thegreenhouseproject aims to encourage the notion that we as a society can turn turmoil into beauty by embracing the notion of Healthfulness starting with a pause and a breath and passing it forward…

It’s All About The Exhale©

Our Culture

At the core of any business are the values that you live every day. We worked together to create our own values that we look at and add examples of how we live the values every day (just to keep us on our toes!)

  • We care about people
  • We are passionate about what we do
  • We are curious and open-minded
  • We breathe integrity
  • We are a family; built on team spirit and fun
  • We believe that respect comes from showing respect to others
  • The world needs us

Our People

We see ourselves as “just capitalists” and that means that we understand the importance of our people and the world around us – that’s our collective belief. It’s not about hiring the best women and men, it’s about building a business with brilliantly talented people with shared values and work ethic.

We also live the neutral gender agenda so that means genuinely hiring staff based on their expertise and living our values – so you will see male and female therapists, instructors, client care and admin staff.

Our people aim to live our DNA (even on the bad days!) of Truth, Knowledge and Care. They are your body and mind partner and deliver one-to one-expertise and authentic, meaningful solutions that cater for all your evolving needs.