Mind Matters

Mind Matters @ The Greenhouse

Where we partner with you to help gain perspective and bring calm to your hectic world.


We offer a combination of mindfulness techniques and strategies to help you better understand and manage your thought process and emotions, and allow you to ‘take your life back’ and experience relief from the modern day feelings of stress, distress and burnout.



Meditation is a wonderful way to manage your evolving physical and mental needs, de-stress and feel good. It can also be a highly effective treatment to help you overcome issues such as anxiety, depression or insomnia and can help in easing symptoms and managing acute and chronic physical pain such as in the lower back, or other parts of the body.


Life Coaching

If you are looking for someone to help and empower you to create, action and exceed personal goals – including increased contentment and fulfillment at home, barriers in relationships or looking for inner change, coaching@thegreenhouse might be for you.



Look out for our events covering areas associated with Mind matters throughout the year.

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