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Biologique Recherche

Founded over thirty years ago and now available in thirty-five countries worldwide, Biologique Recherche has a unique philosophy and know-how in high-end personalised beauty care. Taking a holistic approach to the skin as an organ directly interconnected to all the other vital body functions, the Biologique Recherche Methodology has a reputation for astounding effectiveness based on a clinical approach to beauty care using intentionally pure, concentrated, raw ingredients, as well as innovative and meticulous protocols and procedures.

Customised For You

Whilst our therapist will address your skin’s needs on the day of your treatment and recommend what they think you need, you may like to select your own. Here are a few examples of our treatments to choose from, with a full list in our online brochure.

Biologique Recherche Customised Facial

A facial designed for your skin, your therapist will address your skin’s needs, on the day of your treatment. BR treatments brighten the skin with active ingredients that preventing wrinkles and ageing – duration; 60 mins, €115

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Anti Ageing

Seconde Peau

A genuine alternative to fillers, this exceptional anti ageing treatment will visibly lift and treat signs of ageing. The electrospun mask is made up of 80% Hyaluronic Acid. It is an intense regenerating treatment that smooths and lifts the skin. You see the difference straight away. – Duration; 60 mins, €195. 90 mins, €239 (and includes Remodelling & Cocktail d’actif)

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BR Bio Magic

Our Biologique Recherche Biomagic Balancing & Brightening Treatment uses active substances and extracts contained in the combination of herbal creams and serums to spectacular effect. The skin is cleansed and pores are closed, thus giving a lifting and firming effect. After the treatment your skin is moisturised, oxygenated and has improved elasticity, leaving skin glowing and small wrinkles and furrows reduced – duration; 60 mins, €115

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BR Biovecteur Marin

Our Biologique Recherche Biovecteur Marin Treatment, with its energizing and moisturizing properties, makes it indispensable for tired skin, weakened and dulled by the winter months or damaged by the summer sun. The skin is immediately firmed, renewed and toned and the effects are long lasting. This treatment is recommended for both young and mature skin – duration; 60 mins, €115

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BR Collegen

This is an exclusive firming and nourishing treatment, perfect for every skin type, apart from very sensitive skin. It is recommended for mature and loose skin, as well as thick skin with open pores. Also recommended for dehydrated skin with lowered tension and weakened vitality. Biologique Féerie is a treatment which soothes the features, tenses the skin and evens out its colour. After the treatment the skin is smooth and the facial outline redefined – duration; 60 mins, €115

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Skin Treatments

BR Acne/Serrborrai

This treatment manually exfoliates, lifts, firms, and hydrates. Smoothes the skin texture, tightens pores, tones and strengthens the skin. A real facelift in 60 minutes, €115; 60 mins, €115

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BR Purification

Purification is a gentle yet deeply cleansing treatment to restore clarity to congested skin. Firstly a cleansing massage encourages the release of toxins through the lymphatic system. Then a purifying mask is applied and this healing mask, “Masque Vivant”, which contains cucumber pulp and yeast extract, is assisted by galvanic current to gently draw impurities from deep within the epidermis. The results are immediate, pores are cleansed and excess sebum is absorbed while anti-bacterial agents reduce inflammation. The process is completed with a tailored cocktail of quintessential serums to treat scarring and restore brightness and luminosity to the complexion – duration; 60mins, €95, Course of 6, €475

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BR Remodelling

BR 02 Oxygenatng

This anti-pollution facial treatment uses multiple products containing the exclusive Biologique Recherche oxygen delivery system. These products are applied to enable your skin to utilise oxygen more efficiently. Oxygenating cleanser, mask, eye cream and serum work together to regenerate and hydrate the epidermis, delivering a wonderful moment of well-being and relaxation that oxygenates the epidermis relaxes your features and leaves you glowing, with dull skin revitalized while small wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness are banished from the eye area – duration; 45 mins, €95

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Pre/Post Skin Surgery

Biologique Recherche Biosensible Treatment

This is an ideal post laser treatment or following plastic surgery. This soothing treatment is designed for sensitive, stressed and dehydrated skins. A combination of herbal active ingredients restores the deficient hydrolipidic film, reduces red blemishes and hydrates the skin leaving it feeling comfortable, and velvety – duration; 60 mins, €115

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Treatments for Sensitive Skin

A treatment for skin with symptoms of rosacea and therefore particularly sensitive. Regulates vascularisation and vasodilation. Reduces redness and provides a feeling of comfort – duration; 60 mins, €115

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Pigmentation Treatments

This treatment reduces discolouration of the skin, caused by sun damage and hormonal changes. Pigmentation is naturally and gently reduced using a combination of anti-pigmentation products chosen specifically to suit your skin type. A customised skincare regime for home use will be recommended by our skincare experts. This will continue the treatment and prevent further discolouration. For best results a course of 6 treatments is recommended – duration; 60 mins, €115, Course of 6 | €575

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