Current Offers

Our Current Offers

Customised Facials - €95 per month

Join our Facials Membership, enjoy €20 off every facial! We like to make your skin routine as easy as possible for maximum results.

Join our Biologique Recherche Customised Facials Club (minimum: 3 months) to enjoy reduced prices. See the results after one facial, continue to see the results month after month.

Cancellation of membership – 3 days before the next renewal date.

*Direct Debit only.

If you miss a month, you can use it against Biologique Recherche products.


Biologique Recherche Slimming and Cellulite Treatments

Pay €99 instead of €159 for this 90-minute wonder treatment this summer. See the results instantly!

This hard working treatment (vigorous and results-driven vs relaxing!) needs to be experienced by anyone looking to reduce cellulite or keep it away. Our Biologique Recherche Slimming treatment works wonders as part of a slimming regime. Perfect for summer months and beyond…

*One time offer only.  For current clients who have never had a body treatment and new clients to The Greenhouse Project.

Summer Massage Club - Limited number available

Your body can be at it's best for €65 per massage instead of usual price of €85.

Your body needs work often to beat off stress, anxiety as well as to soothe tired muscles from training.

Join our Summer Massage Club where you pay €65 per massage for 3 consecutive massages –  just sign up for 3 months or more.

*Limited numbers due to popularity.

Lu’Lur Body Smoother

Treat yourself with this pampering and luxurious massage treatment. One of our client's favourites - and staff members! Enjoy the experience
This pampering and luxurious massage treatment features a Rose foot soak, followed by a full body Turmeric scrub to polish and refine skin tone. What follows then can only be described as pure bliss; as a rich cocoa butter cream is massaged all over, working out any tension, soothing the muscles and providing a lift to the senses. Afterwards, you are carefully cocooned in a warm blanket to allow for deeper rest and relaxation as your mind is set free to wander.
Described as a ‘hug for the soul’- this is one of The Greenhouse’s most beautiful experiences.
Duration; 60 minutes
Cost: €90

Prenatal combo - Mums To Be

This pregnancy combo is designed to ease discomfort associated with pregnancy, help in preparation for labour and give nurturing emotional support to mums-to-be.

Starting with a very gentle and relaxing massage, the client is seated or lying with the back slightly raised in positions to find their ultimate level of comfort. Soothing and comforting specific movements are used throughout the massage to help relieve muscle fatigue and fluid retention on the legs, feet and hands. Following this, the client will be treated to a pedicure designed by Margaret Dabbs, the “foot guru” dedicated to providing the kind of care that makes your hands and feet look better, without compromising on comfort.

60 minute Pregnancy Massage AND

60 Minute Margaret Dabbs Pedicure