Current Offers

Our Current Offers

Lu’Lur Body Smoother

Treat yourself with this pampering and luxurious massage treatment.
This pampering and luxurious massage treatment features a Rose foot soak, followed by a full body Turmeric scrub to polish and refine skin tone. What follows then can only be described as pure bliss, as a rich cocoa butter cream is massaged all over, working out any tension, soothing the muscles and providing a lift to the senses. Afterwards, you are carefully cocooned in a warm blanket to allow for deeper rest and relaxation as your mind is set free to wander. Said by many to be a ‘hug for the soul’, this is one of The Greenhouse’s most beautiful experiences.
Duration; 60 minutes
Cost; €90

Lose and Gain Challenge

Get Your Body And Mind Ready For Spring and beyond. Lose; Inches, Inhibitions and Irritable Guts.. Gain; Core Strength, Flexibility, A Healthy Heart, Gut and Mind

This is no ordinary fad diet. We like to improve the overall healthfulness of our clients when they put their body and mind to the challenge. We also want to make sure that we provide the support our clients need to continue with their goals after the initial 3 month challenge.

Prenatal combo - Mums To Be

This pregnancy combo is designed to ease discomfort associated with pregnancy, help in preparation for labor and give nurturing emotional support to mums to be.

Starting with a very gentle and relaxing massage, the client is seated or lying with the back slightly raised in positions to find their ultimate level of comfort. Soothing and comforting specific movements are used throughout the massage to help relieve muscle fatigue and fluid retention on the legs, feet and hands. Following this, the client will be treated to a pedicure designed by Margaret Dabbs, the “foot guru” dedicated to providing the kind of care that makes your hands and feet look better, without compromising on comfort.

60 minute Pregnancy Massage

60 Minute Margaret Dabbs Pedicure


Over 60's Iyengar Yoga

This class is focused at the over 65’s. Iyengar yoga helps to improve your stability, strength and movement of the body...You will love it.

Care shall be taken with each individual and posture so you are getting a good stretch according to your own body’s ability. Props shall be used if necessary to help achieve this. Please note that all are welcome to attend this class as a drop-in if they wish. It’s also a great opportunity to meet new people and enjoy a cup of our specialised teas at reception. We recommend coming once a week but your pricing options are as follows;

Intro offer; Buy 5 classes and you get 2 free (€48 v €80 at drop in rate)

5 Class pass; €70.00

10 Class pass; €130

20 Class pas; €250

Over 60's Flex and Flow

Want to keep your joints moving and look after your bone mineral density whilst improve your aerobic and cardio health? So you can enjoy the things you love.

The class will focus on restoring the normal range of motion of every joint, maintaining the bone mineral density (BMD) and providing a moderate-intensity aerobic routine to improve cardiovascular health. In order to do so a combination of total body mobility protocols, strength training exercises and steady state aerobic work will be used in a progressive and planned way.

Intro offer; Buy 5 classes and you get 2 free (€48 v €80 at drop in rate)

5 Class pass; €70.00

10 Class pass; €130

20 Class pas; €250

Last minute club

Become a member of our Last Minute Club and you'll SAVE 20% when you book last minute.

How does it work? We’ll send you an email/text informing you of the next day’s available appointments. Perfect for people with hectic schedules and no time to plan ahead or those of you who love a little spontaneity.

Terms and Conditions: Cannot be used in conjunction with other special offers or vouchers.

Mystery Shopper (free)

Help us be the best we can be... we are a project after all. Our mystery shoppers help us grow

The Greenhouse is an ongoing project where we strive to deliver our promise. The only way to do that is by listening to the people who matter most- our clients. If you would like to join our pool of Mystery shoppers, please let contact us on 01 2140222.