Introductory Offers

Biologique Recherche Facial Offer

Tone & nourish your skin with a one hour customised Biologique Recherche facial treatment for just €95 (normally €115)..

Tone & nourish your skin with a one hour customised Biologique Recherche facial treatment for just €95 (normally €115).

For new clients to the Greenhouse we will follow up with a Free Skin instant to assess your skins needs.

We can then invite you to join our Biologique Recherche Facial memberships where you can enjoy this price when you sign up to monthly facials (minimum sign up 3 months)

New Clients 5 for 3 Movement offer

The hardest part is getting started. We will try and make it easy for you with this intro offer.

Buy a 5 class pass for any of our classes and 2 out of your classes are free! For new clients only – (once off per person)

The Greenhouse Introduction to Bodyworks

Massage €65 - a perfect offer to introduce you to Bodyworks

Massage €65 instead of €85.

You can then join our Summer Massage club and enjoy another 2 saunas at this price over 2 months (so that’s 3 saunas over 3 months in total including your first one)


Introductory Offer €139 for new clients

8 classes + Free assessment gives the opportunity to try lots of classes & find what you like

(once off per person) – €139 – 8 sessions plus 30 minute assessment

What new clients love about this offer is the private assessment. At The Greenhouse we encourage all our clients to book an assessment after a couple of classes. That way you get to understand how your body works, what potential little glitches you might have (we all have them and don’t know about them most of the time!). It also means that our expert instructors get to you know your bodies and can therefore respond in class and customising movement for you. 8 Sessions can give you the opportunity to try a variety of classes across our offering to find what you like or you might want to stick to one type of Movement class to help you create a habit in one but we would recommend mixing it up a bit.

Power Pilates 5 for 3 offer for new clients

A new class at The Greenhouse aimed at really challenging you - try it out with this intro offer

In our Power Pilates class our aim is to connect deep breathing with powerful muscular contraction. There is a big emphasis on posture, glute activation, deep core work and improving mind-muscle connection. The class consists of breathing based movements combined with challenging contracted holds to give you a workout that while challenging and tougher than most mat Pilates classes, is suitable for everybody.

Lose and Gain 3 month Challenge

The Ultimate Healthfulness Kickstarter for long lasting results combining Movement, Bodyworks and nutrition

Lose; Inches & inhibitions
Gain; Core Strength, flexibility, A healthy heart, gut and Mind

This is no ordinary fad diet. We like to improve the overall healthfulness of our clients when they put their body and mind to the challenge. We also want to make sure that we provide the support our clients need to continue with their goals after the initial 3 month challenge

If you want to create long lasting change, this is perfect for you;

For a staggering €225 per month or €56 per week you can benefit from the following;

  • 45 minute Movement Assessment – (normally 45 euro)
  • Unlimited Metabolic Classes (to get your heart pumping and core tightening)
  • Unlimited TRX fusion Classes (to get your body in shape and grow strength and Movement classes (to get the best of both!)
  • 1 Pilates Class per week (to help you establish good breathing techniques, gain core strength, flexibility and mobility)
  • Nutritional Advice
  • 1 massage per month (to help your body start the detoxification process and get your Lymphatic system moving) – normally €85
  • 1 Biologique Recherche Body Treatment each month (select slimming or detox) – normally €159
  • 6 x infra-red sauna sessions (to boost your blood circulation and slimming/detoxing efforts) – normally €30 for 30 mins
  • Final 45 min Assessment (normally 45 euro)
  • *Saving of €1,401!


Total Saving; €1401

Terms and Conditions;

  • The Lose&Gain Challenge is a 12 week commitment from commencement of your challenge. The Challenge has to be completed in the 12 weeks to achieve the desired results.
  • Participants must be over 18 years of age.
  • Options for payment include payment in full (€675) upfront, 12 x weekly standing orders of €56 or 3 x monthly standing orders of €225.
  • Treatments and the Infrared Sauna must be booked in advance.
  • The Greenhouse reserves the right, in its sole discretion to cancel, terminate or modify the format of the Lose&Gain Challenge.
  • By entering the Lose&Gain Challenge you agree to receive email newsletters and updates on the challenge (tips for example) periodically from the Greenhouse. You can opt-out of receiving this communication at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in the newsletter.
  • Full terms and conditions on request