Bodyworks @The Greenhouse

Where we partner with you for your body and mind treatments.

Looking after your body should not be a treat. Working on tired or stressed bodies, unwinding tense muscles or recovering from injuries or illnesses is what Bodyworks is all about – tending to what your body needs.

Whether it’s part of the H.A.P.P.I.E process or one-off treatments, you will always benefit from one-to-one focus and attention to detail.


No matter what you choose, our specialist Bodyworkers will adapt and amend the experience for maximum results.


Whether it’s slimming or detox, anti-ageing or stretch mark treatments, we have a large selection of options for you.


We have several pregnancy treatments and packages available to cater for you and your baby.


One of The Greenhouse Health Gems! Perfect as part of a programme or general healthfulness efforts.


Our homemade body scrubs are luscious & aromatic with results-driven ingredients.

What To Bring

Ever been that person who brought the wrong attire to a treatment or not enough attire?? Some tips for you!