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Saturday 29th April


Join us for our second week of a free opportunity to try rowing. The crew who tried it this week LOVED it….
Rowing is a full body workout (yes full body) which improves endurance, power and burns a great amount of calories. Rowing is suitable for all levels of fitness, ability and age due to its low impact nature and is easily adjustable to make the session suit your own fitness level.
COME to a FREE Introduction class in a state of the art studio overlooking Dublin Bay (we will even take the rowers on to the deck if it’s a nice day) when we will go through the basics of rowing with you as well as have a fun class.
To book your free slot for either Saturday 29th of April or Saturday the 6th of May – please e-mail (pre-booking essential to guarantee your machine)

Sunday 7th May

Moving with Ease: A Modern Approach to Mobility with Giussepe Foti and Jon Fildes

This workshop will give you an overall understanding around Mobility training and how it is practiced. It will also take you through examples of how mobility restrictions carry over to real life situations causing improper alignments and eventually general inflammation and discomfort. Did you know that Mobility and flexibility are not the same thing? – we will demonstrate what the differences and similarities are to help you to understand why both are important in our movement routines. We will focus on an area of the body on the day so the class can take away some practical routines they can incorporate. We will also go through some other modern methods of mobility (easy ones that you
can take home and practice straight away – such as relaxation techniques, partner passive stretching techniques and self massage).

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Friday 12th

The Truth about Supplements; An Expose Into The Supplement Market with Lead Ambassador of Wild Nutrition, Marianne Greckho

Break the myths of the supplement industry so you can find whats right for you. Supplement are not created equal and there is a seismic difference between those that are found in food and those that are synthetically reproduced. Marianne will share with you the Wild Nutrition philosophy that food supplements should be for the sole purpose of enhancing the body’s innate ability to heal and restore balance and not to add further toxic load or, through mega-dosing, create imbalance elsewhere. This workshop will empower you to make the right choices for you and your individual needs.

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Saturday 26th May

Reduce the Stress in Your Life by Becoming Your Own Best Friend with Abby Wynne

Most of the stress in people’s lives is generated by the pressure that they put on themselves. This pressure can lead to self-doubt, lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem. Learning how to accept yourself for who you are, to encourage yourself instead of berate, to be compassionate instead of angry, changes your body chemistry and releases stress. In this workshop you will learn the difference between your healed self and your ideal self so you can release your “shoulds”. We will also look at the difference between ego and being egotistical, needs vs wants, and what selfish really means so you can let go of your limiting beliefs around self-acceptance. This is a practical workshop with activities and exercises to do to help you heal the relationship you have with yourself, There will be time to ask questions. At the end of the workshop you will come away with a better idea of how you can improve your relationship with yourself, and some tools you can use to do just that. 2pm-4pm, €15 per person.

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Friday 2nd June

Meal Planning demo for post challenge success. Details coming soon!

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Saturday 17th June

Activities of Daily Living – Sustained Weight Loss and Lifestyle Modification – Jon Fildes, The Greenhouse
This workshop will focus on the best strategies for sustained weight loss, ways in which activity can be implemented into everyday life, mental health tips, and improving your overall healthfulness. This workshop is for people who have tried various ‘diets’, been a “yo yo dieter” or who are currently or wanting to embark on a healthier and active lifestyle for the long term.

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Sunday 25th June

An Introduction to Mindfulness

Our brains are designed to think, so it is extremely difficult to stop thinking! We can think 10 different thoughts in a second, which can be up to 600,000 thoughts a day! Mindfulness, unlike meditation, is not about stopping thinking; it’s about controlling what you think about. In this workshop. Abby will explain what mindfulness is and what it isn’t. You will have an opportunity to try out several different mindfulness practices. There will be time for questions, and you will leave with different ways that you can try, to bring mindfulness as a practice into your every day life.

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If you have an event you would like us to become involved in or lend expertise and facilities to, please contact us.