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Saturday 17th June

Activities of Daily Living – Sustained Weight Loss and Lifestyle Modification – Jon Fildes, The Greenhouse
This workshop will focus on the best strategies for sustained weight loss, ways in which activity can be implemented into everyday life, mental health tips, and improving your overall healthfulness. This workshop is for people who have tried various ‘diets’, been a “yo yo dieter” or who are currently or wanting to embark on a healthier and active lifestyle for the long term.

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Sunday 25th June

An Introduction to Mindfulness

Our brains are designed to think, so it is extremely difficult to stop thinking! We can think 10 different thoughts in a second, which can be up to 600,000 thoughts a day! Mindfulness, unlike meditation, is not about stopping thinking; it’s about controlling what you think about. In this workshop. Abby will explain what mindfulness is and what it isn’t. You will have an opportunity to try out several different mindfulness practices. There will be time for questions, and you will leave with different ways that you can try, to bring mindfulness as a practice into your every day life.

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