Mums and Mums To Be

A very special time for mums, but also a time when she makes a lot of sacrifices with her body. Lots of women have babies and don’t check to see how their bodies are after birth which can lead to problems down the road. So We like to make sure that all our mums get the right focus both before giving birth and afterwards.


Your body undergoes many changes while you are pregnant and feeling good throughout is always a bonus. We have several pregnancy treatments and packages available to cater for you and your baby. Here are a couple of our popular treatments, but there are other options in our brochure to choose from too. Or if you fancy just giving us a brief we would be happy to help you!

Pregnancy Massage

Mind Me

Prenatal massage shares many of the goals of regular massage – to relax tense muscles, ease sore spots, improve circulation and mobility, and just make you feel good. But it’s also tailored specifically to the needs of pregnant women and their changing bodies. Duration, 60mins €85, 90mins, €130


Pregnancy rituals

Mind Me

looking after yourself during pregnancy is every woman’s focus and desire. It’s not always easy when juggling your many roles in life – That’s why The Greenhouse has created some rituals based on our experience and feedback from our mums to be.

Blooming Nice (3-6 months pregnant)

A lovely mix of exercise, relaxation and a little indulgence. We start your ritual with an organic Raspberry leaf tea. We then take you for a 60 minute pre-natal Pilates class to help you with flexibility, strength and movement preparation for the months ahead. Following on from some organic, freshly pressed vegetable juice, you can enjoy a pregnancy massage and an organic deep cleaning facial. You finish your experience in our relaxation area with some more Organic, relaxing tea and a platter of mixed fresh fruits.


Bloom Plus (6-9 months)

This ritual is specifically designed for women who are in their final trimester. You can enjoy the benefits of our organic teas and fruits complementing our treatments and classes that we will customise to your needs. This ritual includes a gentle Prenatal yoga class, a relaxing Rose Oil foot soak and leg massage, a lower back massage and Indian head massage. Duration, 3hrs, €220


Post Natal Rituals

Wrap and Nap (up to 3 months post-natal)

Getting away from a new born can be difficult but it’s important to look after yourself even for a couple of hours or so. This Ritual is all about helping you relax, recover and hopefully catch up on some sleep. We start with a calming organic tea with camomile, valerian root, passionflower, hops, liquorice & lemon balm before we send you into some meditation, followed by a lush 90-minute Chocolate truffle Body wrap when we leave you alone to sleep. Your experience will finish with either an Organic Hot Dark Chocolate & platter of mixed citrus fruits or Freshly made Carrot, Lemon and Ginger Juice & avocado Ice Cream with dark chocolate, walnuts, bee pollen & pomegranate seeds. – Duration; 2.5 hours, €145


Wrap and Rejuvenate (3-6 months post-natal)

Is your body ready to take on some exercise? This Ritual is both energising and relaxing all in one! You start your experience with Organic white tea with Mango before you go into a Private Pilates class where our instructors can also assess you. This is followed by some light meditation and a 90-minute Blueberry Soy Cream Body Wrap and Nap. We finish your Ritual with either an Organic Hot Dark Chocolate & platter of mixed citrus fruits or Freshly made Carrot, Lemon and Ginger Juice & avocado Ice Cream with dark chocolate, walnuts, bee pollen & pomegranate seeds. – Duration; 3 hrs, €170


Rejuvenate, Wrap and Nap (6 months post-natal)

This Ritual extends your experience through a longer exercise class and we change your wrap to a 90-minute Pear & Green Apple Body Wrap and nap.


Pre Natal Yoga

Mind Me Renew Me

Over a six weeks course you will explore yoga asana, breathwork and relaxation to help you enjoy your pregnancy and bond with your baby. As you progress through the course, we will deepen the practice strengthening and stretching the body, with specific pelvic floor exercises to tone and relax in preparation for birth. You will also learn a variety of breath techniques to help with labour and relaxation.

Pre-Natal Yoga is open to mums after their first trimester, and most will continue until their baby arrives. It is important to complete a full course first, before joining on a drop-in basis

Pre/Post Natal Reformer Pilates (Currently not on offer as we are recruiting teachers)

Our mums and mums-to-be reformer Pilates class will look after your pregnant/post-pregnant body wonderfully, giving you strength, movement and relaxation. You don’t need any Pilates experience to attended this class as our instructor specialises in pre and post-natal training.


Mum and baby Yoga

Mum and baby yoga is a great way to bond with your baby while getting back in shape. Many of the yoga poses involve the core area which helps to tone these muscles and restore strength after pregnancy. We also focus a lot on relieving tension in areas such as the neck, shoulders and back as many new moms find feeding and lifting baby can lead to tiredness in these areas. In the class, we also practice breathing exercises and relaxation techniques. This helps to replenish lost energy.

It is suitable to start Mum and baby yoga after your postpartum check-up until your baby is actively crawling. Bring a toy and a blanket for baby.

Babies are involved in some of the yoga postures and beside mom on a blanket for others. They usually respond very well to the simple baby moves.

It’s a relaxed environment and all babies are welcome just as they are. It’s also a great way to meet other new moms in a sociable environment. It also fine if baby wants to sleep through the entire class. Feeding and changing during the class is common as is crying! However, many babies pick up on the relaxed energy in the class and become quite calm.

Mum and Baby yoga is suitable from 6 weeks post partum (once mums has been cleared by doctor to exercise) and from 12 weeks if you had a caesarean section.