Physio@ The Greenhouse with Justin Langan BSc MISCP

Where we partner with you to help rehabilitate anyone suffering from injury, illness or disability.

Justin Langan is a recognised member of the Irish society of chartered physiotherapy.
He aims to help rehabilitate anyone suffering from injury, illness or disability through the use of manual therapy, exercise and movement, education and advice.
Justin qualified with Honours from Northumbria University in 2011. From University Justin joined one of the UK’s leading private physiotherapy companies. Here he gained a wealth of experience receiving training and guidance from leading physiotherapists, many of whom had worked with professional athletes at the highest level including professional footballers in the English Premier League and athletes representing Great Britain.
Justin specialises in musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, treating sport and non sport related muscle and joint problems. He has to date accumulated over 10,000 appointments in the field of musculoskeletal physiotherapy.
Justin will complete a full detailed examination of your injury to diagnose and identify the underlying cause of your symptoms. Following this Justin will fully discuss the diagnosis and outline an appropriate treatment plan to manage you back to fitness. TREATMENT:
Justin prides himself on the high standard and wide range of evidence based physiotherapy treatments provided. Following your initial assessment Justin will choose the most effective and appropriate treatment to return you back to fitness. Your treatment program will be unique to you and will combine the following treatments:
• Deep soft tissue massage
• Joint mobilisation and manipulation
• Sports massage
• Acupuncture
• Dry needling
• Strength and conditioning
• Ergonomic assessment and advice
• Biomechanical assessment
From the minute you walk into the clinic you will be treated with the utmost care and attention with the main focus being on your needs and requirements
Thursday 9.30am-9pm
30 minute treatment; €50
45 minute treatment; €70
60 minute treatment;€90
Please note that first session can take 45 minutes to an hour. We recommend booking the hour and then if it lasts 45 minutes we will adjust at the desk
BOOKING; Phone 012140222