Special Offers

New Year’s Offers

At the Greenhouse we want you to enjoy your New Year Goals. We always encourage you to experience a variety of Movement classes to keep your muscles on their toes (they get lazy if you do the same thing over and over!).

Our clients also tell us that they like the choice of different classes as it helps them find the classes they like but most importantly it helps keep them motivated. That’s why we have created a variety of offers including the addition of the infra-red sauna which has a multitude of benefits (weight loss, increased circulation, detoxing, skin purification, pain relief) and bodyworks treatments because with 3 classes a week your body will need some release.

Our Promise to You

The Greenhouse is all about partnership and attention to detail. We will never promise you a 28 day makeover or miracle. We like to think we work with our clients to achieve goals within realistic timelines so the body goes through long lasting transformational change including creating new habits that you will want to continue after your challenge is complete. Book here

The Greenhouse Experience

Saturday the 14th Jan, 21st Jan, 28th Jan

Come and enjoy a multi Greenhouse Experience for you and a friend!
Current members are invited to The Greenhouse with a friend for a 2.5 hour movement and bodyworks extravaganza!
Only 8 slots available (so that’s 8 members + 8 friends = 16 people) to enjoy the following;

  • A Quick introduction to the Greenhouse and who we are and our purpose
  • Multi Movement Experience for 1.15 hours , Rowing, Pilates,TRX, Ballet Barre, Yoga.
  • Multi Bodyworks experience for 1 hour consisting of a Indian Head Massage, infra-red Sauna, relaxation and tea and sampling in reception.

1 slot available each Saturday;


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Introductory Offer

(once off per person) – €139 – 8 sessions plus 30 minute assessment

What new clients love about this offer is the private assessment. At The Greenhouse we encourage all our clients to book an assessment after a couple of classes. That way you get to understand how your body works, what potential little glitches you might have (we all have them and don’t know about them most of the time!). It also means that our expert instructors get to you know your bodies and can therefore respond in class and customising movement for you. 8 Sessions can give you the opportunity to try a variety of classes across our offering to find what you like or you might want to stick to one type of Movement class to help you create a habit in one but we would recommend mixing it up a bit (so a little cardio would be very beneficial). Book here

Multi Movement Introduction Offers

8 Class multi movement recruitment package including 30min assessment – Valid for 1 Month (From date of purchase)

3month Yoga/Pilates Body weight loss Challenge

Pre-enroll for January

3 classes per week; 1 x Mat, 1 x Reformer, 1 x Yoga – €160 per month + option to add one bodyworks massage per month for €65 + 1 free infa-red sauna

A Perfect New Years Challenge for clients and new clients. This offer is a blend of cardio workouts to raise your heart rate and burn calories whilst also developing your core strength, flexibility and body toning. Our approach to Movement means you can benefit from expert tuition and fusion classes, taking the best principles from a multitude of disciplines and applying them to your classes to ensure you are getting the best possible workouts whilst learning about what your body can do at the same time.

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3 month yoga/pilates body challenge without massage/sauna €160

3 month yoga/pilates body challenge with massage and sauna €225

3 month Multi Movement weight loss Body Challenge

Pre-enroll for January

1 x TRX, Rowing, PHITT classes per week – €190 per month
Plus the option to add one Bodyworks massage per month for €65 + 1 free infa-red sauna

This offer is perfect for clients who are looking for a challenge to increase your core body strength, tone up and enjoy some natural mindfulness whilst exercising. You may be with us already and want to progress more or you can be totally new! Regardless, we will challenge you consistently – some of these classes will be focused on calorie burning so our expert instructors will create fast paced classes to put your body into another gear as you progress through your challenge and trust your body more. Start off your challenge with an infra red sauna to increase your circulation and detox your body – this will help you gain benefits from your classes quicker. The Bodyworks massage will ease any muscle tension and build up of any lactic acid in your muscles (as well as relax your mind).

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3 month Multi movement challenge without massage/sauna €190

3 month MultiMovement challenge with massage and Sauna €255

The Greenhouse Movement Membership

12 month membership for €175 per month

With the following Healthfulness perks:

  • 1 Free Infra-red Sauna per week (excellent for weight loss, increased circulation, detoxing, skin purification, pain relief) – worth €140 per month
  • Special price of €69 for massage* (with all that exercise your body needs massage and TLC) – saving of €16 per massage
  • Access to all movement classes** (for long lasting results)
  • Discounts on Retail products*** (to support your Healthfulness efforts)
  • One complimentary Herbal tea post Movement Class (to replenish) – saving of €2.50 per cup
  • First offer on premier workshops with discount****
  • Free member workshops from our instructors*****
  • Outdoor events in summer for members

* subject to availability – off peak times

** 4 classes per week

***selected products each month

**** Workshops commencing May 2017

***** Quarterly

Body and Mind Reboot

HAPPIE (Movement, Nutrition, Bodyworks)- 20% Movement classes and 50% off some Bodyworks – OFFER ENDS 31st January

Do you want to make more than one change in your life in 2017? Do you know that exercise alone will only bring a certain amount of benefits to your body (although even starting with exercise is a brilliant start and we all have to start somewhere!). Our H.A.P.P.I.E methodology gives you the opportunity to make several changes across your life working with several of our inhouse experts and The Greenhouse collaborations. This Offer is perfect for clients (new or existing) who want to make changes across Nutrition, Movement and Bodyworks. Our In House nutritionist will work with you to create the optimum nutrition programme (but thinking beyond 3 months – this is a lifestyle change) to suit your body and your lifestyle. We couple this with a Movement programme, starting with an assessment followed by a variety of classes that you will like and what your body needs. Your body will also benefit from massage work so you will also have an assessment with one of our expert bodyworkers and they will work with you over the course of your H.A.P.P.I.E programme, tailoring your treatments based on what you body needs on the day of treatments. This offer needs to be booked directly with Kathy our Client Care Manager as it is based on consultation and a customised programme. clientcare@thegreenhouseproject.ie

Out of sorts balancer

If you need to balance things up (can be any part of you!), just tell us and join us for a blend of re-balancing teas (such as Organic verbena, honey bush, ginger and lemon myrtle tea), snacks and shots along with a Movement Class (Yoga and Pilates combined) and a Balancing Yoga class. You will finish your ritual with a warming and balancing Hot Golden Milk – Turmeric, Coconut Oil and Coconut Milk mixed with black pepper, cinnamon & honey and enjoy it in our relaxation room.
Duration 2hrs | Cost €72

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