Introductory Offers

Biologique Recherche Intro Offer

Tone & nourish your skin with a one hour customised Biologique Recherche facial treatment for just €90 (normally €115)..

Tone & nourish your skin with a one hour customised Biologique Recherche facial treatment for just €90 (normally €115) including a FREE Skin Instant Lab to assess your skins needs. Offer available to first time BR client’s only.

New Clients 5 for 3 Movement offer

The hardest part is getting started. We will try and make it easy for you with this intro offer.

Buy a 5 class pass for any of our classes and 2 out of your classes are free! For new clients only – (once off per person)

Power Pilates 5 for 3 offer for new clients

A new class at The Greenhouse aimed at really challenging you - try it out with this intro offer

In our Power Pilates class our aim is to connect deep breathing with powerful muscular contraction. There is a big emphasis on posture, glute activation, deep core work and improving mind-muscle connection. The class consists of breathing based movements combined with challenging contracted holds to give you a workout that while challenging and tougher than most mat Pilates classes, is suitable for everybody.

Introductory Offer €139 for new clients

8 classes + Free assessment gives the opportunity to try lots of classes & find what you like

(once off per person) – €139 – 8 sessions plus 30 minute assessment

What new clients love about this offer is the private assessment. At The Greenhouse we encourage all our clients to book an assessment after a couple of classes. That way you get to understand how your body works, what potential little glitches you might have (we all have them and don’t know about them most of the time!). It also means that our expert instructors get to you know your bodies and can therefore respond in class and customising movement for you. 8 Sessions can give you the opportunity to try a variety of classes across our offering to find what you like or you might want to stick to one type of Movement class to help you create a habit in one but we would recommend mixing it up a bit.

The Greenhouse Introduction to Bodyworks

Massage & infra red sauna €65 (normally €115) - a perfect offer to introduce you to Bodyworks

Massage and Infra-red sauna €65 (normally €115)* Book here.

Terms and Conditions; Monday to Friday, no voucher purchase (so book for yourself, enjoy it and the promotional price!), offer available to new clients only or movement clients who have not tried our Bodyworks department. One off offer.

The Greenhouse Better Body 3 Month Challenge

€90 per month for 3 months - classes, saunas, slimming products... customised for you.

€90 per month for 3 months
3 Classes per week (1x row, 1x reformer, 1x Mat)
1 x complimentary 30 min infra-red Sauna per week
20% of relevant slimming products

We will never promise you a magical, quick fix, long lasting results take a little time and we will partner with you along the way to get the best possible results. This offer is perfect for clients who are looking for a challenge to increase your core body strength, tone up and enjoy some natural mindfulness whilst exercising.

Terms and Conditions
⦁ Must sign up for 3 months to avail of offer (can take break for holidays)
⦁ For new clients to The Greenhouse/ Current clients can avail of it only if they sign up a friend to the offer (so a new client)
⦁ Clients will be asked to do a pre and post photo (for you to see the changes in your body however we may ask a couple of clients if we can use for advertising purposes as well as a testimonial or just a testimonial)
⦁ Assessment at the start and at the end is supplementary (€35 per assessment)
⦁ Sauna can only be booked during the following hours; 7.30am (post rowing class), 8.30am, 10.30am/ 7.30pm, 8pm
⦁ Offer ends; 30th September 2017 (as in purchase of)